Stanley Kanisky "Grandpa" is a fictional character portrayed by John Hoyt on the NBC American Sitcom Gimme A Break! which ran from 1981-1987

Stanley "Grandpa" Kanisky was born in Poland and moved to New York in the early 1900s. He had a quick fling with a girl named Katrina Jablonski on the ship to America, then got separated from her when they landed on Ellis Island. Shortly after, he married Mildred Wichowski Kanisky, another fellow Polish American, and moved to Glenlawn, CA to start a family there. Over the years, he fathered Carl Kanisky, the Chief of police in Glenlawn and Eddie Kanisky while selling coffins at a mortuary. After he retired, Eddie ran the mortuary as Carl was now busy handling the city of Glenlawn.

As a Grandfather, Stanley was very loving, as a father he was bossy with his kids, especially Carl Kanisky but as a person, he was very kinky and funny with the ladies. In the late 1970s into early 80s he had a hard time hearing, was mistaken as a bank robber during a mistaken non-hold-up at the bank, and gave Maxine away at her wedding to his younger son Eddie. In the fall of 1983, somehow Grandpa's hearing got better, and around this time, he had lost his wife, Mildred Kanisky when she has died around the fall of 1983. His son Eddie and Maxine also left to start a new married life together, so all Grandpa had around him at this time were his son Carl, and his three granddaughters Katie, Julie and Samantha. Shortly after Mildred's death, Grandpa took a trip to Poland to see old friends there and when he came back to Glenlawn, he was against the idea of moving into the Kanisky house though Joey got him to change his mind and they became roommates. In the Spring of 1984, Grandpa suffered pneumonia when he took Joey to a rodeo in town despite being sick and caught it outside in the rain, but he quickly recoved and was as fiesty as ever.

In the fall of 1984 and into 1985, Grandpa had several hardships he faced. One, he realized he would soon die in a matter of years and he would have nothing to leave his family, two, Katrina Jablonski's father, Leopold, a 94 year old man, tracks Stanley down and demands he marries his daughter though she's been in love with another guy for the last 20 years who's Italian, and finally, Grandpa loses his son Carl Kanisky, when he passes away sometime in the summer of May 8, 1985.

In the fall of 1985 and into 1986, Grandpa was still kinky with ladies, but he missed Carl and there was nobody to argue with anymore with him. He spent his days with Joey or hanging around the house with Nell. In the fall of 1986, with his grand-daughter's Kathleen 'Katie' Kanisky, Julie Kanisky Maxwell who is married to Jonathan Maxwell and they had a child named Nell Maxwell and Samantha 'Sam' Kanisky now off on their own, Nell moving to New York to live with Addy, Joey and his brother Matthew in an apartment there, and finally getting over the death of his son Carl Kanisky. Grandpa sells the Kanisky house and moves to New York to live in an apartment above Nell and Addy's where he watched and spent time with Joey and Matthew afterschool during his final years of his life but Samantha would later visit New York to see how Nell, Addy, Joey, Grandpa and Matthew are feeling about their apartment in New York.

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