Ralph Waldo Simpson is a fictional character portrayed by Howard Morton on the NBC American Sitcom Gimme A Break! which ran from 1981-1987.

Ralph Simpson was born in Saint Louis and then moved to Glenlawn, CA to be a patrolman. Being the right hand man of the Chief's, Simpson would always get on Carl's nerves and usually mess things up. Simpson was not the brightest person, did not know how to properly write or type, but he was a good friend to the Kanisky family and would always frequent the house. Simpson and the Chief would always love to go bowling, but knowing Simpson, he'd always do things to make the Chief upset. Several things that upset the Chief between 1981 to 1985 included Simpson demanding they leave for a banquet that was in the Chief's honor while the Chief was upset at Samantha for calling Nell a racial slurr, firing a gun in his office and accidentally shooting the Chief in the hand, sending a picture of a female patrolman Mary Beth to joygirl magazine which caused the Chief to fire her and get into hot water with the mayor of the city of Glenlawn, and other stupid, clumsy, and brain-dead things Simpson would do that would tick the Chief off.

In 1983, Simpson was shocked to see Harvey Wallace, his old karate instructor from St. Louis in Glenlawn, working at a dress shop disguised as a woman named Melissa who actually was a man who had a sex change and was now a woman named Melissa, Simpson kept quiet about it, realizing it would upset the Chief as he was dating her now and knew he would go through the roof when he found out the truth. In 1985, Simpson went out looking for his lost cat Sherlock during a severe storm, and everyone thought he drowned in the river when the Chief gets the news that someone saw a cat fall into the river and a policeman falling in after it but both Simpson and Sherlock turn up okay. In the fall of 1985, Simpson is saddened by the loss of the Chief and asks Nell if he could keep his bowling shoes for remembrance as he wanted something of his to remember him by even though they didn't fit him.

Throughout the fall of 1985 and into the fall of 1986, Simpson would frequent the Kanisky house, even though the Chief was no longer around, as it was something he knew the Chief wanted to see happen.

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