Maggie O'Brien is a fictional character portrayed by Rosie O'Donnell on the NBC American Sitcom Gimme A Break! which ran from 1981-1987.

In the fall of 1986, Nell, Addy, Joey and Matthew move into an apartment in Greenwich Village where they meet Maggie O'Brien, an upstairs neighbor who's a young dental hygenist who works days and who's married to a cab driver named B.J. who works nights.

Maggie occasionally visits Nell's apartment to talk to Nell from time to time and Joey and Matthew strike up a friendship with her which soon leads to Joey developing a crush on her for a short time in early 1987, when Maggie threw a surprise birthday party for her husband B.J. who was extremely jealous of her co-worker because he thought the two were having an affair but her co-worker was gay. B.J. wants to then move Maggie to Georgia to open a bed and breakfast, but she refuses and moves in with Nell and Addy for a short time and Joey and B.J. have a heart to heart and he decides to make amends with Maggie and the two will remain in New York City.

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