Julie Kanisky Maxwell is a ficitional character portrayed by Lauri Hendler on the NBC sitcom Gimme A Break!, which ran from October 29, 1981-May 12, 1987.

Julie was the middle of three daughters, the brainiac, the one who was most un-favored, and the most unpopular all around in school and in family life. These factors usually would upset her in 1981 to 1982. However, as she got older, she began to interact more with Nell and the family, and was definitely not an overlooked person after that.

In 1981-1982, Julie did a few upsetting things that made her father, Carl Kanisky the Chief of police in Glenlawn angry at her. She cheated on a college test for Katie, tried to find love at an arcade so she'd have a date to the school dance and came home late because she lost track of time with Arnie at the arcade, and got caught smoking. Aside from that, Julie was a pretty decent child, and didn't really get into as much mischief as her sister's Katie and Samantha. She had some sibiling rivalry with Katie, especially when she invited a high school jock over to tutor him but he used Julie just to get to Katie, which caused a fight between the two sisters, ending with Katie breaking up with him for using Julie to get to her.

In the fall of 1983, Julie got Nell to let her go see Andy Gibb; (who died in early or late 1988, a year after the show ended of a heart disease at aged 30, R.I.P, ) to record an album in town, then followed him to his hotel room where she fell asleep outside of the room that was his and the Chief was furious. Julie loved rock and roll and the Chief didn't care about it. After this point, Julie didn't really get into much trouble, except in early 1985, when she began dating Jonathan Maxwell. The two decided to go off to a ski resort and ironically, Nell and Addy went there at the same time and caught them together in their hotel room. It was at this point that Julie had a heart to heart with Nell and Nell realized she was giving more attention to Katie and Samantha, even though Julie was the smartest of the girls according to Nell. In May of 1985, Julie broke up with Jonathan and Nell got them back together on her 18th birthday. Julie then ran off with Jonathan and they eloped in Las Vegas. That fall, it was explained that the Chief, before he passed away of cancer in May of 1985, he was happy that Julie and Jonathan got married, but then grounded the two of them because he didn't want it, like it and he didn't approve of it.

In the fall of 1985, Julie found out she was pregnant with with her 1st and only child named Nell Maxwell and Jonathan went off on a Mexican Dig for a few months. When Jonathan returned home, he was a changed person, and though Julie and Nell thought he was having an affair with another one, he instead was looking for a better job than working at Luigi's Pizza. In the end, Julie and Jonathan decide to move to Bakersfield where Jonathan would work a computer in a chalk factory. In the fall of 1986, Julie gave birth to a baby girl she named Nell, and she, Jonathan, and their baby Nell moved to Bakersfield. And then the new 3 member maxwell family has finally moved to San Jose-Bakersfield, CA and they were explained therefore now written out of the series and they are no longer seen on the show afterwards, after the 1981-1986 seasons, it was explained that they became a new family and they finally moved away and they are leaving the show to move to Bakersfield in early 1986 in season 5, and they are no longer on it afterwards after season 5. They are now written out after the end of season 5 in early 1986, for their departure from the series. They were moved off the air after 1986.

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