Jonathan Maxwell Kanisky is a fictional character portrayed by Jonathan Silverman on the NBC American Sitcom Gimme A Break! which ran from October 29, 1981-May 12, 1987.

In the Spring of 1985, Julie Kanisky goes on a skiing trip to Bear Valley with Jonathan Maxwell, a fellow high school student who works at Luigi's Pizza as a delivery boy after winning a big debate at school. While at their hotel room, the two get nervous as they are about to sleep together for the first time and they're both virgins. Ironically, Nell and Addy show up at the resort and catch Julie with Jonathan. Nell became furious when Julie lied to her, telling her she was going there with her girl friends, but when she finds her with Jonathan, the two have a heart to heart and Julie tells Nell that all Nell thinks of her is she is the smart one of the Kanisky daughters, and Nell allows her to make her own decisions. Shortly after, Julie turns 18, and she and Jonathan break up, but Nell gets them back together. Jonathan runs off with Julie to Las Vegas and the two get married there. When they return home, Julie's father, Carl Kanisky, the Chief accepts their marriage, but tells them they're both grounded.

In the fall of May 8, 1985, Carl Kanisky, the Chief of police in Glenlawn, CA dies of cancer and Jonathan and Julie move into his old room in the Kanisky house. Also that fall, Addy helps Jonathan go on a Mexican dig for college credit, but Julie gets upset she can't go because the department at school does not have enough money to bring wives along and she then decides to join the navy but finds out she's pregnant after failing the exam. Jonathan decides to go to Mexico for 6 months and then they will raise the baby together when it's born.

In early 1986, Jonathan returns home from his dig in Mexico a changed person. Nell and Julie suspect he's cheating with Linda Barnes, a girl from the dig, but Jonathan goes to Barkersfield and tells Nell and Julie that he's quitting school and Lugi's Pizza and moving with Julie to Bakersfield to run a computer in a chalk factory which will give him more money to start a family with Julie and the baby.

In the fall of late 1986, Julie gives birth to a baby named Nell Maxwell and Julie, Jonathan, and baby Nell move to San Jose-Bakersfield, CA to start their new life together there. This explains that the new 3 member maxwell family has finally moved to San Jose-Bakersfield, CA and they are therefore now written out of the series and they are no longer seen afterwards, after the 1981-1986 seasons (Seasons 1-5) It was explained that they became a new 3 family member and that they are moving away there and they are leaving the show in later 1986 and that they are no longer on the show after late 1986. They are now written out of the show after the end of season 5, for their departure in later of 1986 from the series. They were taken off the air after season 5. Jonathan Silverman and Lauri Handler are written off the show and were fired after season 5.

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