Chief Carl Kanisky is a fictional character portrayed by Dolph Sweet who died on May 8, 1985 in Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA from cancer on the NBC American Sitcom Gimme A Break! which ran from October 29, 1981-May 12, 1987.

Carl Kanisky was the Chief of police in the town of Glenlawn, CA. He was the widowed husband of Margaret Kanisky who died in 1980 of cancer. Carl had three daughters, Katie, Julie, and Samantha Kanisky. He had one brother, Eddie Kanisky, who was single and was a bachelor, and was the son of Stanley Kanisky and Mildred (nee Wutchezky) Kanisky, who has died at aged 83 around the fall of 1983 of a unknown disease she is not mentioned and now written and killed off the show in 1983.

In early 1981, after being a police officer for many years, Carl shot, murdered, and then killed a young adult robber in 1981, while a hold-up took place at a drugstore that the he was in. Carl's prisoner was murdered and then he died from the wound in 1981, and Carl thought seriously about retiring, but decided to stay on the force as Chief of Police.

Carl was a father of 3 children who was very much old fashioned, did not like rock and roll music, and who would often slap his daughters if they did something wrong. He was against smoking, but he loved to drink and go bowling with his friends.

In the fall of 1981, Carl fell in love with a woman named Marion who went to his old high school, Franklin High after she accidentally crashed her car into his mailbox one night. The two briefly dated much to Samantha's disagreement and objection.

In the fall of 1982, Carl ironically got a call girl named Maxine and his brother Eddie together, when he was using Maxine as a way to catch guys who steal from women. While they met at the bowling alley, Eddie showed up and he and Maxine hit it off. Carl was against the idea of his brother dating a prostitute, but soon gave his blessing and in early 1983, allowed Eddie and Maxine to marry in his house and was the best and perfect couple at the wedding. Eddie Kanisky is then written out of the series after season 2 for his departure in late 1983. It was explained that he and Maxine Kanisky were married already and they left after the end of season 2 and not seen after on the series in early 1983.

Carl faced many hardships as Chief of police at the Glenlawn police station, including firing and re-hiring a femalye officer named Mary Beth who posed nudity, she had to cope with officers of his being homosexual, and had to deal with many crazies coming into the police station who's lives were a shambles such as Mr. Swackhammer, who eventually left the series in early or late 1981 or 1982 after the end of season 1 or 2 in 1983, and his problematic predicaments, and the chaotic, clumsy, rascal, sidekick Officer Ralph Simpson who left the series in after the end of season 5 in late 1986, who drove the Police Chief (R.I.P., who died in Tarzana on May of 1985 at aged 64, after the end of season 4), insane many a time.

In the fall of 1983, Carl agreed with Nell to adopt Joey Donovan, a con-artist 6 year old, after he had second thoughts of sending him to a social worker that would put him in an orphanage. Also that year, Carl and Nell worked together to allow his father Stanley to move into the house after his wife Mildred Kanisky passed away, she died at age 90 in 1983 and is now written out of the series after the end of season 2. She is now dead at season 3 and is not alive after.

In 1984, Carl became Glenlawn's man of the year, and Nell set him up with a clothing store woman named Melissa who was actually a man named Harvey Wallace, an old Karate instructor of Officer Simpson's who had a sex change and came to Glenlawn from St. Louis to start over. Also that year, Carl arrested his entire family when Samantha started a protest to save the Santa Marta Mission School from being torn down and replaced with a Mexican restaurant.

Carl rarely dated much, except with the exception of Marion in 1982, Melissa in 1983, and a meter maid named Mickey in early 1984 he went to a Valentine's day dance with. After that point, the only inkling of Carl having feelings for another woman was in 1985, when officer Alice Dwyer asked for a promotion and he rejected it, only to reveal to her that he was worried about her going out into the streets because she was a good looking lady.

In 1984, Carl gave his blessing for Katie to open her own Boutique with her friend Ria Bradley instead of them going to college. Shorly after, Carl went to Scottland yard to study crime there for a short period of time. When he returned home, he was very gaunt in appearance, yet he still had his same old ways with his family.

In 1985, Carl objected when Katie was going to get her own apartment, then agreed and revealed to her that he loved her and would miss her, after that she moved out. Shortly after, Julie's boyfriend Jonathan Maxwell broke up with her, and Carl was overjoyed, as he thought of Jonathan as an idiot pizza delivery boy. When Carl finds out Julie is missing the morning after her eighteenth birthday as well as Jonathan's pizza truck, he becomes furious. This is the last day and time we see the Chief in person, as he passes away shortly after this occurance. He passed away after that occurance, he died at age 64 on May 8, 1985 in Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA from cancer diseases. He is now written out of the series as having died after the end of season 4. He is now dead at the beginning of season 5, after the end of season 4 and does not exist after season 4 of the series, he is not alive after.

It was revealed that the Chief had passed away some time in the summer of May 8, 1985 at the age of 64 of cancer in Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA or early fall of that year. When he found out that Julie and Jonathan eloped in Vegas on her eighteenth birthday, he was happy for them, but, as in his old set ways, he grounded them both for going behind his back. R.I.P. Chief Carl Kanisky, you will be loved, sorely and be deeply missed. (1920-May 8, 1985). He is now dead and he has died off screen in 1985 in Season 5 and is now departed off the series after his death.

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