Addelaide P. "Addy" Wilson is a fictional character portrayed by Thelma Hopkins on the NBC American Sitcom Gimme A Break! which ran from 1981-1987.

In the fall of 1983, Addy moved to Glenlawn to teach night school there. She was an old childhood friend of Nell's from Alabama and the two always argued over everything. Nell dropped out of high school but Addy became class Valedictorian, and she went off to college where she got a Phi Beta Kappa Key. Nell decided to go back to high school and get her diploma, but drops out when she finds out Addy is her teacher, then the two have a heart to heart and Nell decides to go back to class.

Throughout 1983 and 1984, Nell and Addy's frienship grew closer, and they both appear on a special friends edition of Wheel Of Fortune, where Addy wins a trip to New York City and takes Nell, and while there they meet Tony Randall and get involved in a drug bust when they end up with the wrong luggage full of drugs at the airport. Addy soon becomes overjoyed that Nell is finally graduating college in the Spring of 1984, and tells Nell she is now part of the Congress Of Determined Women, who stand up for women's rights. In the fall of 1984, Addy's father, a college professor, ironically shows up in town and begins to date Nell and Addy is shocked to see him, as he divorced her mother years ago when she was a child and hadn't seen him since she was a toddler. After a heart to heart, she reconciles with her father after he tells her that her mother kept her away from seeing her for many years.

In the fall of 1985, Addy helps Jonathan get on an archeological did in Mexico and Nell is furious of Addy when she believes Addy is trying to tear Jonathan apart from Julie as they are newlyweds, and gets even more upset at her when Julie decides to join the navy but finds out she's pregnant after taking the exam for it. Shortly after, Addy almost gets a job at a university and is about to move to New York, but gets turned down at the last minute. However, in the fall of 1986, she finally gets a job at a university in New York and moves there, and once all the Kanisky girls were grown up and out of the house, Nell decides to move to New York and be roommates with Addy after she drops Samantha off at college in New Jersey and returns to New York to leave Joey with his father Tim and finds out Tim wants her to raise Joey and Matthew while he goes back to sea. Soon after, Nell, Addy, Joey, and Matthew, move into an apartment in Greenwhich Village, run by Marty, a dopey landlord who owns a Spanish restaurant on the bottom floor of the building called El Gaspacho.

In the fall of 1986, Addy gets laid off from her job for a short time during a teacher's strike and Nell gives her a job as her assistant at MacDillon and Loud Publishing Company, but soon after fires her for being a slow reader and then Addy finally gets her job back after the teacher's strike comes to an end. Shortly after, Addy gets invited to meet Prince Charles and Princess Dianna at a gala event and asks Nell for money for a dress but doesn't repay Nell all the money right away and Nell and Addy argue but soon make up after Addy tells Nell all she did at the event was talk about what a great friend Nell is to her.

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